• Sampling and legislatively compliant sample storage systems.

  • Rugged and accurate test equipment for fuel quality and quantity.

  • 20 years of supplying major marine fuel testing programmes.

Bunker Fuel Testing

Marine fuel deliveries are measured by volume but paid for by mass.  Ensuring the fuel quality at the time of delivery and calculating the density is an integral part of good bunkering practices.

  • Measure density and water content to calculate the mass of fuel delivered - see also the Info Centre.
  • Ensure the fuel is within the required specification under ISO 8217, Viscosity, Density, Water, CCAI, Compatibility, Pour Point, Salt
  • Maintain bunker fuel samples for Port State Inspection under MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI.

On-site laboratories

On-Site Fuel Labs
Marine and bunker fuel is tested on-site for Quantity (density & water) and Quality (viscosity, compatibility, salt, water, pour point, cloud point etc, according to ISO 8217).  A range of on-site fuel testing equipment with a solid track record of use in marine and power-plant applications. (See also sampling systems and the Info Centre for guidance on bunkering practices).

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Bunker Sampling EquipmentBunker Sample and Drip Samplers
Comprehensive and economically priced offerings for sampling and storing of marine and power plant fuel deliveries.  Based on 20 years supplying the industry including Chairmanship of IBIA and input to current ISO and IMO legislative standards and operating sampling logistics for most major marine fuel testing services. 

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Kittiwake Learning Zone

Info Centre
The Information Centre is a comprehensive Condition Monitoring resource providing detailed technical information & practical guidance.  Of particular relevance is guidance around bunkering practices and test procedures ensuring what you receive is what you ordered!

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Bunker Fuel

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